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PGBC 2022 Building Bridges in Bioethics

14/07/2022 – 15/07/2022

University of Bristol


*********** PGBC Is now FULLY BOOKED.  Please do not attempt to book a place unless you are presenting at the event ***********


We are delighted to open registration for PGBC 2022 at the University of Bristol Further details are provided below.

PGBC 2022 will take place in person at the University of Bristol from Thursday 14 to Friday 15 July. The theme for this year’s conference is “Building Bridges in Bioethics”.

Often our research concerns a particular topic in a particular context, such as a single country. It may also be addressed from a specific disciplinary perspective. This can come from having identified a bioethical issue in a familiar environment but can sometimes prevent us from fully recognising that similar questions arise in vastly different contexts, both geographical and disciplinary. The theme for PGBC 2022, then, is to explore shared bioethical challenges, thereby building bridges with colleagues and considering research questions that transcend both geographical and disciplinary borders.

This PGBC will be organised in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust funded BRIDGES:BKY project at the University of Bristol Centre for Ethics in Medicine. BRIDGES:BKY is a collaborative project with colleagues in Kyoto, Japan and Yonsei, South Korea, and this conference will feature sessions that enable PGRs in the three countries to connect.

 Please note: We have already had a high number of registrations. Due to a limited budget to cover accommodation costs, we are currently prioritising those who are presenting at the conference. If you are not presenting but would still like to attend, you are very welcome to register. However, we will not be able to confirm whether we can offer you accommodation straight away. If you register and we are unable to offer you accommodation, you will be given the option of cancelling your registration. This does not affect anyone who has already registered on or before 26 April 2022.

Registration fee

There is no registration fee for PGBC 2022 – it is a free conference. However, when registering you will be asked to pay a fully refundable deposit of £50. Refunds will be processed at the conference once you have registered at the venue.

The reason that PGBC is a free conference is that we do not want access to funding to prevent anyone attending. As such, if you are experiencing financial difficulty such that you cannot afford the £50 deposit, we may well be able to waive it. Please email philg@ime-uk.org if this is the case.

Venue and catering

The conference will take place at the Victoria Rooms, which is situated at the top of Queens Road in Bristol (BS8 1SA). Conference activities will take place across several rooms in the venue, all of which are wheelchair accessible. There will also be a space to store luggage should you require it.

On Thursday 14 July, registration at the venue will be open from 10am, with the conference starting at 10.30am.

Catering will be provided at the Victoria Rooms throughout both days of the conference and will cater to a range of dietary requirements. Nonetheless, if you do have any dietary requirements or allergies, we would ask that you confirm them when registering so that we can ensure those needs are met. If you forget to when registering, or if your needs change after registering, please email jordan.parsons@bristol.ac.uk to inform us.

All delegates are invited to the conference dinner on the evening of Thursday 14 July. This will take place at the Mercure Grand Hotel in Bristol City Centre (Broad Street, BS1 2EL), which is the same hotel where accommodation will be provided). There is no charge for this dinner.


Free accommodation is available for all delegates on the night of Thursday 14 July. This will be at the Mercure Grand Hotel in Bristol City Centre (Broad Street, BS1 2EL). Accommodation will be provided on a bed and breakfast basis. When registering, you will be asked whether you will require accommodation.

We may be able to provide accommodation on Wednesday 13 July in exceptional circumstances, such as for delegates travelling a significant distance. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and we would ask that you email jordan.parsons@bristol.ac.uk if you would like to request this.

All of those presenting at the conference will be eligible for free accommodation on the night of Thursday 14 July. If you wish to attend but are not presenting, we may still be able to provide accommodation, but we will have to confirm this after you register. If you register and we are unable to offer you accommodation, you will be given the option of cancelling your registration

Accommodation will be provided at the Mercure Grand Hotel in Bristol City Centre (Broad Street, BS1 2EL). It will be on a bed and breakfast basis. When registering, you will be asked whether you will require accommodation.


By rail

The best way to travel to Bristol is by train. Bristol has two mainline train stations, though attendees should be sure to travel to Bristol Temple Meads as it is about two miles from the venue and is much closer than Bristol Parkway.

From Bristol Temple Meads there are several options to reach the venue. There are always taxis waiting outside the main entrance to the station, and you can also use the apps Uber and Ola (many drivers are on both apps, with Ola usually coming in a little cheaper). Direct your taxi to the Victoria Rooms at the top of Queens Road. You should allow roughly 15 minutes for your taxi journey. Alternatively, it is a 30-40-minute walk, or you could take a connecting train to Clifton Down station which is a 15-minute walk from the venue.

A final option is the bus. You can use the 8, 9, or 72 bus service from outside Bristol Temple Meads, with one of the three due at least every 10 minutes throughout the day. All three services stop near the venue on Triangle West, from which it is just a few minutes’ walk up Queens Road. The cheapest and easiest way to pay for the bus is with the First Bus app, which includes student rates.

By car

We do not advise travel by car due to parking restrictions near the venue and carbon emissions. However, if you wish to drive, we suggest parking at Trenchard Street Car Park (BS1 5AN). Parking is approximately £12 per day, and it is a 10-15-minute walk along Park Row and Queens Road to the conference venue.

By air

If you are travelling a significant distance and flying is the most reasonable option, Bristol Airport has flights from a range of destinations. You can then use the Bristol Flyer bus service to get to the city centre, which runs regularly throughout the day and night. Student rates are available and can be booked online in advance: https://flyer.bristolairport.co.uk/

Travel bursaries

A number of travel bursaries are available, of a value of up to £100.

To enable us to provide travel bursaries to as many delegates as possible, we would ask that you seek the cheapest option available, consistent with tolerable comfort. If you have one, please make use of your Railcard. Please note, only standard/economy class travel will be reimbursed.

If you would like to request a travel bursary, please complete this simple form alongside your registration. You will be asked to indicate how much your travel costs will be.


We know that conferences are not always accessible for everyone, and we are trying to minimise barriers to access for PGBC. All venues will be wheelchair accessible and detailed venue information will be made available to delegates in advance.

A portion of our budget has been set aside to meet additional accessibility needs of delegates. For example, provision of a British Sign Language interpreter. We also have options available to support those with caring responsibilities.

There will be an option to indicate any specific accessibility needs you require support with when registering. If you did want to discuss accessibility before registering, please feel free to email jordan.parsons@bristol.ac.uk and we will be happy to help.

Further information

More detailed information about the conference, such as a confirmed schedule, will be made available in due course. However, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to email jordan.parsons@bristol.ac.uk and we will be happy to help.

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