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PGBC 2019 ‘Intergenerational Bioethics’

09/09/2019 – 10/09/2019
Swansea University

Postgraduate Bioethics Conference 2019

Intergenerational Bioethics

9-10 September, Swansea University


Keynote speakers

Professor Martha Fineman (Emory)

Professor John Harris (Manchester)

Professor Sally Holland (Children's Commissioner for Wales).


Longer lifespans, changing patterns in birth and parenting, technological advances, stretched resources... each of these current trends means that relationships between the generations pose pressing challenges in the field of health.  PGBC2019 welcomes treatments of the widest range of inter-generational questions, as they apply to bioethics.

Inter-generational themes arise along three main axes:

(i)             The relationship between the interests and rights of younger and older people within the current population.

(ii)            The relationship between currently living people and the dead.

(iii)           The relationship between currently living people and those yet to be born.

All three resonate with bioethics in topical ways – from pregnancy to euthanasia, organ donation to care relations, genetic screening and data usage to climate change – and across the spheres of professional decision-making. They highlight the delicacy of our weighing of the interests of the young, the old, the dead and future generations. Focusing on different generations raises specific questions about wider-ranging values and concepts: consent, capacity, respect, dignity, equality, sustainability. But it does this in ways that often unsettle conventional assumptions, and require fresh critical engagement with how such values apply. Inter-generational issues thus apply across the landscape of bioethics.


About the conference

The Postgraduate Bioethics Conference (PGBC) exists to create and sustain networks for postgraduates and early career researchers across the diverse range of issues and interests covered by 'bioethics' in its broadest sense. 2019 sees PGBC come to Wales for the first time.

For PGBC2019, the Research Institute for Ethics and Law, Swansea University will host around 75 postgraduate researchers working in bioethics from across the UK and abroad for a uniquely accessible development-focused conference on the theme of ‘Intergenerational Bioethics’.

As well as keynote sessions and oral presentations, there will be a range of workshops including funding, peer review/publication and ‘disrupting cultures’. The conference will finish with a panel discussion followed by a drinks reception.


We welcome two kinds of contribution:

1. Oral Presentations

We invite those wishing to present papers to submit abstracts of not more than 200 words on a topic of their choice within the themes of the conference. Please include three keywords.

Papers will be selected from the abstracts by the conference organising committee.

Works in progress are encouraged.


2. Visual Representations

Static visual representation – for example a poster, annotated photograph, or painting representing work within the broad theme of Intergenerational Bioethics.

Abstracts should describe the themes and format of the piece in not more than 200 words. Work must be suitable for presentation on a vertical board.

Visual works will be available to view at lunch and coffee breaks, with a prize to be awarded at the end of conference reception.

(when submitting an abstract for a visual representation please select the poster category)


Attendance at the conference is free for those awarded a bursaried place, subject to refundable £50 deposit.  Successful applicants for a bursary will have their registration, accommodation and meals (including a conference dinner) covered. We expect that as in previous years, competition for funded places will be high.  Early application is advised.


Please submit abstracts online through the link on the IME web site: http://ime.datawareonline.co.uk/Abstract-Submission/my-submissions


Deadline for abstracts: April 11th 2019

Notification not later than June 6th  2019

Registration opens May 13th 2019


There may be a limited number of self-funded places available once bursaries have been awarded. For more information please contact info@postgradbioethics.com


Financial support for carers

We recognise that for those of you with caring responsibilities, attending events such as the PGBC is an important part of developing and maintaining your career and that attending such events can cause an additional financial burden if you need to make alternative care arrangements.

To help alleviate some of this burden, we are introducing a scheme which may entitle you to a small grant of up to £250 if you have caring responsibilities.  In order to qualify for the grant you must have an abstract accepted for the conference.

The grant can be used to fund additional/alternative care arrangements for your dependent* to either stay at home while you travel, or to fund travel and associated care costs allowing the dependent to travel with you.

A dependent is a partner, child or parent, or someone who lives with you as part of your family. This could be, for example, an elderly aunt or grandparent. It does not include tenants or boarders who may be living in your family home.

You may make an application for this grant if the following conditions apply:

You have caring responsibilities and nobody else at your home can provide the care. No alternative source of funding is available, e.g. from the conference/training etc. organiser or by other means, such as from research grant funding. Where relevant it is your responsibility to provide evidence that no alternative source of funding is available. The grant is to cover costs outside of the routine everyday care costs you normally incur.

The funds will be paid on receipt of an invoice/receipt detailing the costs incurred. Please note that any impact on benefits or HMRC impacts are the responsibility of the applicant.

Application Form


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