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Concept, Classroom and Clinic - 2019 IME Conference

24/06/2019 – 26/06/2019
Cardiff Metropolitan University

Concept, Classroom and Clinic - 2019 IME Conference

24th - 26th June 2019
Cardiff Metropolitan University, Llandaff Campus, Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF2 2YB

Bydd trafodion y gynhadledd yn cael eu cynnal yn Saesneg

Llandaff Campus Arial Photo - Cardiff Metropolitan University

Draft Programme

Monday 24 June


Registration and Lunch



Conference Welcome and Introduction



Plenary 1      

Alastair Campbell
“Surveying the ethical landscape”
Zoe Fritz
The symbiotic relationship between ethics research, clinical practice and teaching


Parallel session 1






Plenary 2      

Lightning talks and Fringe Presentations




Buffet meal



Tuesday 25 June





Showcasing Cardiff Medical School Role Plays

 Lucy Morris





Parallel session 2






Plenary 4

Mental Capacity and Best Interests.
Idris Baker, Lucy Series and Jenny Kitzinger





Parallel session 3



Social Event including launch of Core Curriculum for Undergraduate Medical Ethics and Law - to be held at Kuku, Park Plaza, Grayfriars Road, Cardiff, CF10 3AL

Complimentary food and welcome drink.  Pay bar available.


Wednesday 26 June



Plenary 5

Richard Hain, Lucie Byrne-Davis





Parallel session 4






Plenary 6

Exploitation and vulnerability
Deborah Bowman, Paul Williams (MP for Stockton South & GP)


Poster prizes and Closing ceremony







Autonomy, Authenticity and Relationships

Jessica Brown

Deep Brain Stimulation, Anorexia Nervosa & Authenticity

Naomi Jones

'Best interests' in the context of childhood cancer: roles, relationships and responsibilities

Reproductive Choices

Elizabeth Chloe Romanis

The tension between caesarean ‘on demand’ and defensive medicine: the power of informed counselling about different choices in childbirth

Heloise Robinson

State Neutrality and Parental Choice in the Use of Certain Medical Procedures Which End or Prevent the Lives of Disabled Human Beings



Organs, Tissues and Gametes

Laura Machin et al

Opting out of opting out? Organ donation in the UK and doctors and nurses silent conscientious objection

Allane Madanamoothoo

Social freezing: A freedom or a drift? A view of French Law

Nathan Hodson, Joshua Parker

Consensual Altruistic Post-Mortem Gamete Donation

 Consent, Trust and the Value of Stories

Eva Kuhn et al

Informed Consent in Workplace Health Promotion

Aaron Fleming, Anna Crucefix

Sharing a Written Medical Summary with patients on the Post-take round: What are the perceived impacts?

Alexis Paton, Ben Kotzee

‘Well, there’s one story that comes to mind that maybe I should tell you’: How storytelling and practical wisdom play an integral role in medical ethics education for junior doctors



Gender, Sexuality and Culture

Taylor Nimchonok

Health is more than a medical matter: the implications of medicalizing hysteria on current women’s health.

Arianne Shahvisi

Consenting to female genital cutting: should reinfibulation be permitted?

Ruth Bromley

What has LGBT Affirmation got to do with Good Medical Practice?

 End-of-Life Decisions

Harry Hudson

Suicidal Ideations: Assisted Dying and the Psychiatric Patient

Tina Sikka

Barriers to access: A feminist analysis of medically assisted dying and the experience of marginalized groups

Lucy M. Davis

Regulating Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) orders in Ireland: The legislative experience in Ohio

 Justice and Injustice

Lovro Savic

Justice, Responsibility, and Antibiotic Resistance

Nathan Hodson

Double-Binds and the Moral Abuse of Junior Doctors

Joona Räsänen

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s epigenetics: Cosmetic enhancement and fight against lookism




Pregnancy and Abortion

Dunja Begovic

Maternal-fetal surgery: Rethinking the focus on conflicting interests

Giulia Cavaliere

Begetting Children, Equality and Freedom: The Red Herring of Ectogenesis

Arianne Shahvisi

Can contraceptive equality combat the responsibility objection to abortion?

 Balancing Benefits and Harms

Caitriona Cox

The challenges of assessing patient understanding in practice

Helen Ryan, Emma Nottingham

Critically ill Children in the age of Social Media: Protecting ‘Generation Tagged’

Taryn Knox, Lynley Anderson

Kid’s cage fighting – it should be banned, right?

 Panel: Postgraduate Medical Ethics Education

Andrew Papanikitas et al

Empirical research for postgraduate medical ethics education: a discussion of 3 pilot studies


Fringe Presentations

Deniz Kaya

The Trials of Medicine




Delegate Fees
Students - £20 for one day/£30 for 2 days/£35 for 3 days

IME members - £40 for one day/£70 for 2 days/£90 for 3 days (In order to get this price please ensure you log in at the top right of the booking page)

Non-members - £70 for one day/£120 for 2 days/£150 for 3 days (IME Membership is only £80 for full membership (£70 for Concessionary members) with a £10 discount available when paying by Direct Debit - sign up
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The conference will take place within the Management Building of the Cardiff Metropolitan University, Llandaff Campus. With millions of pounds of recent inve​stment, it offers state-of-the art learning facilities. The campus offers excellent sporting facilities, on-site shop, coffee bars, including Costa and Starbucks, and refectory. The campus is located approximately two miles from the city centre, surrounded by numerous parks, playing fields and the historic village of Llandaff.


The campus is also conveniently located near the Plas Gwyn residential campus.


In order to aid the movement of delegates between accommodation and conference venue, the IME will be providing complimentary coach travel between the city centre and Llandaff Campus at the start and end of each day.


There are a limited number of en-suite bed and breakfast rooms available at the Plas Gwyn residential campus which can be booked Sunday 23rd June 2019 (from 2pm) to Wednesday 26th June 2019 (bedrooms to be vacated by 10am) by clicking http://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/about/conferenceservices/Pages/BB-Booking-Form.aspx The single bedrooms are in flats of 8 rooms per flat with shared kitchen/social space.  Each bedroom will be made up with clean bed linen and a towel will be provided. The cost of this accommodation is £41.50 per night.

All breakfasts will be served at the main Llandaff Campus. In order to book, please select Plas Gwyn and use the code IME2019. 



Financial support for carers

The IME recognises that for those of you with caring responsibilities, attending events such as the IME Conference is an important part of developing and maintaining your career.  The IME also understands that attending such events can cause an additional financial burden if you need to make alternative care arrangements.


To help alleviate some of this burden, we are introducing a scheme which may entitle you to a small grant of up to £250 (maximum fund of £2,000) if you have caring responsibilities.  In order to qualify for the grant you must have an abstract accepted for the conference. *Abstract Submissions are now closed*


The grant can be used to fund additional/alternative care arrangements for your dependent* to either stay at home while you travel, or to fund travel and associated care costs allowing the dependant to travel with you.


A dependant is a partner, child or parent, or someone who lives with you as part of your family. This could be, for example, an elderly aunt or grandparent. It does not include tenants or boarders who may be living in your family home.

 You may make an application for this grant if the following conditions apply:

·         You have caring responsibilities and nobody else at your home can provide the care.

·         No alternative source of funding is available, e.g. from the conference/training etc. organiser or by other means, such as from research grant funding.  Where relevant it is your responsibility to provide evidence that no alternative source of funding is available.

·         The grant is to cover costs outside of the routine everyday care costs you normally incur.

The funds will be paid on receipt of an invoice/receipt detailing the costs incurred. Please note that any impact on benefits or HMRC impacts are the responsibility of the applicant.


Application form and guidelines (scroll to end)



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